College of the Holy Cross

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Conference: 5W / 3L | Overall: 5W / 3L

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Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
0 Ives   Sydney Senior Goalie
0 O'Leary   Emily Freshman Midfield
0 Van Meter   Payton Freshman Attack
0 White   Mary Emma Freshman Midfield
4 Cappello   Kathryn Senior Attack
5 Cannamella   Catherine Senior Defense
6 Plant   Maya Freshman Defense
10 Paul   Jen Senior Defense
11 McCuin   Emma Senior Midfield
13 Erb   Jenna Senior Defense
15 Draddy   Siobhan Sophomore Midfield
16 Hunter   Claire Sophomore Attack
17 Thompson   Bridget Sophomore Attack
18 Railton   Caroline Junior Midfield
19 O'Connor   Eliza Sophomore Attack
20 Castallucci   Kayla Sophomore Attack
21 Mumak   Marisa Freshman Attack
24 Farrell   Eleanor Freshman Midfield
26 Phelan   Katie Sophomore Defense
27 Farley   Kate Senior Attack
29 Gaeta   Bess Senior Defense

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
0 O'Leary   Emily Midfield
0 Van Meter   Payton Attack
0 White   Mary Emma Midfield
4 Cappello   Kathryn Attack
5 Cannamella   Catherine Defense
6 Plant   Maya Defense
10 Paul   Jen Defense
11 McCuin   Emma Midfield
13 Erb   Jenna Defense
15 Draddy   Siobhan Midfield
16 Hunter   Claire Attack
17 Thompson   Bridget Attack
18 Railton   Caroline Midfield
19 O'Connor   Eliza Attack
20 Castallucci   Kayla Attack
21 Mumak   Marisa Attack
24 Farrell   Eleanor Midfield
26 Phelan   Katie Defense
27 Farley   Kate Attack
29 Gaeta   Bess Defense


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Sydney Ives Goalie 0.00%