University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

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Conference: 2W / 2L | Overall: 2W / 2L

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Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
7 Crack   Shaylin Junior Attack
14 Linnan   Savannah Freshman Midfield
25 Maupin   Evan Senior Attack
27 Bartle   Risandi Freshman Defense
29 Kjorlien   Alicen Senior Defense
31 Furlan   Ashley Senior Goalie
62 Roe   Hannah Freshman Attack

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
7 Crack   Shaylin Attack
14 Linnan   Savannah Midfield
25 Maupin   Evan Attack
27 Bartle   Risandi Defense
29 Kjorlien   Alicen Defense
62 Roe   Hannah Attack


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Ashley Furlan Goalie 0.00%