University of Maryland Baltimore County

First Name Last Name Year Position Jersey
  Abigail Lehr Sophomore Attack 0
  Althea De Castro Sophomore Midfield 0
  Brooke Nelson Junior Attack 8
  Elana Frazier Freshman Attack 3
  Iona Howells Junior Defense 22
  Jada Iwuoha Junior Midfield 11
  JayJay Nay Senior Attack 14
  Jessica Hoffman Freshman Midfield 11
  Jileen De Guzman Freshman Midfield 2
  Jordyn Vecchione Milne Junior Defense 19
  Lily McCullough Freshman Defense 29
  Lucia Blotzer-Iannucci Senior Attack 4
  Margaret Keswick Sophomore Defense 16
  Maria Rivas Sophomore Midfield 13
  Marium Javed Sophomore Defense 0
  Mia Selby Freshman Midfield 8
  Oluwatumoin (Esther) Olajide Senior Midfield 12
  Rose Taylor Graduate Attack 0
  Sydney Cooper Freshman Attack 18

First Last Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
  Abigail Lehr Attack
  Althea De Castro Midfield
  Brooke Nelson Attack
  Elana Frazier Attack
  Iona Howells Defense
  Jada Iwuoha Midfield
  JayJay Nay Attack
  Jessica Hoffman Midfield
  Jileen De Guzman Midfield
  Jordyn Vecchione Milne Defense
  Lily McCullough Defense
  Lucia Blotzer-Iannucci Attack
  Margaret Keswick Defense
  Maria Rivas Midfield
  Marium Javed Defense
  Mia Selby Midfield
  Oluwatumoin (Esther) Olajide Midfield
  Rose Taylor Attack
  Sydney Cooper Attack


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
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Conference: 0W / 1L | Overall: 0W / 2L

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