Slippery Rock University

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Conference: 0W / 4L | Overall: 0W / 4L

Jersey Colors:
Home: White, Away: Green

Team Website:

Team email:

Address: 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Slippery Rock Pennsylvania 16057

Mascot: Rocky the Lion


Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
0 Baker   Melina Freshman Defense
0 Chambers   Pearl Freshman Attack
0 Clouse   Cassie Freshman Goalie
0 Counihan   Anna Sophomore Defense
0 Ferency   Novena Freshman Midfield
0 Li   Emily Sophomore Defense
0 Pasquinelli   Jaden TBD
0 Porter   Kaitlyn Freshman Midfield
0 Shah   Maya Freshman Attack
0 Williams   Emma Freshman Defense
2 Walker   Sydney Sophomore Defense
4 Jaap   Ashlyn Junior Midfield
5 Kriley   Emily Sophomore Midfield
13 Wagstaff   Taylor Sophomore Defense
15 Walter   Catherine Sophomore Defense
23 Rubican   Sarah Sophomore Attack
35 Mazzanni   Alexa Junior Defense
37 Perrone   Danielle Sophomore Midfield

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
0 Baker   Melina Defense
0 Chambers   Pearl Attack
0 Counihan   Anna Defense
0 Ferency   Novena Midfield
0 Li   Emily Defense
0 Porter   Kaitlyn Midfield
0 Shah   Maya Attack
0 Williams   Emma Defense
2 Walker   Sydney Defense
4 Jaap   Ashlyn Midfield
5 Kriley   Emily Midfield
13 Wagstaff   Taylor Defense
15 Walter   Catherine Defense
23 Rubican   Sarah Attack
35 Mazzanni   Alexa Defense
37 Perrone   Danielle Midfield


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Cassie Clouse Goalie 0.00%
  Emilee Engle Goalie 0.00%