Rochester Institute of Technology

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Conference: 0W / 0L | Overall: 3W / 4L

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Address: RIT Tigers Turf Field 1 Lomb Memorial Dr, Rochester, NY 14623
New York



Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
1 Yeremin   Dasha Freshman Midfield
2 Jancevski   Katherine Junior Midfield
4 Rodriguez   Kaitlyn Freshman Defense
5 Comerford   Katie Senior Midfield
6 Kaplan   Laura Junior Midfield
7 Muroski   Alina Junior Midfield
8 Botham   Jessica Sophomore Defense
9 Marra   Megan Junior Attack
12 Kresco   Mikayla Freshman Attack
13 Oliver   Erin Freshman Attack
15 Matla   Ashley Senior Attack
17 Hamlin   Bridget Graduate Attack
18 Young   Adelle Junior Midfield
19 Giacoman   Abigail Sophomore Goalie
20 Scott   Emma Freshman Midfield
21 Nielsen   Annika Junior Midfield
22 Muroski   Zosha Freshman Attack
25 Raffert   Hannah Sophomore Midfield
34 Lovdahl   Kora Sophomore Defense
35 Marino   Sam Freshman Defense
51 Brassie   Chloe Sophomore Defense
88 Gentile   Juliana Sophomore Attack

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
1 Yeremin   Dasha Midfield
2 Jancevski   Katherine Midfield
4 Rodriguez   Kaitlyn Defense
5 Comerford   Katie Midfield
6 Kaplan   Laura Midfield
7 Muroski   Alina Midfield
8 Botham   Jessica Defense
9 Marra   Megan Attack
12 Kresco   Mikayla Attack
13 Oliver   Erin Attack
15 Matla   Ashley Attack
17 Hamlin   Bridget Attack
18 Young   Adelle Midfield
20 Scott   Emma Midfield
21 Nielsen   Annika Midfield
22 Muroski   Zosha Attack
25 Raffert   Hannah Midfield
34 Lovdahl   Kora Defense
35 Marino   Sam Defense
51 Brassie   Chloe Defense
88 Gentile   Juliana Attack


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Abigail Giacoman Goalie 0.00%