University of Dayton

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Conference: 2W / 0L | Overall: 3W / 2L

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Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
2 Murphy   Caitlin Senior Attack
3 Allen   Peyton Junior Defense
3 Rees   Bella Freshman Defense
5 Walther   MK Freshman Defense
9 Callaghan   Ellie Sophomore Midfield
9 Rice   Kate Freshman Attack
10 Kelly   Emma Senior Attack
11 Kozej   Greta Junior Midfield
12 Ferrari   Molly Sophomore Midfield
12 Janson   Tess Sophomore Defense
14 Juhring   Josie Junior Goalie
17 Cowen   Emily Senior Attack
17 Magold   Hannah Senior Attack
20 Severance   Karlie Junior Defense
21 Pema   Anjali Freshman Midfield
22 Reynolds   Heidi Freshman Defense
23 Scott   Maisie Senior Midfield
24 Patton   Jackie Sophomore Goalie
27 Smith   Sophie Junior Defense
28 Harvey   Devyn Senior Midfield

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
2 Murphy   Caitlin Attack
3 Allen   Peyton Defense
3 Rees   Bella Defense
5 Walther   MK Defense
9 Callaghan   Ellie Midfield
9 Rice   Kate Attack
10 Kelly   Emma Attack
11 Kozej   Greta Midfield
12 Ferrari   Molly Midfield
12 Janson   Tess Defense
17 Cowen   Emily Attack
17 Magold   Hannah Attack
20 Severance   Karlie Defense
21 Pema   Anjali Midfield
22 Reynolds   Heidi Defense
23 Scott   Maisie Midfield
27 Smith   Sophie Defense
28 Harvey   Devyn Midfield


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Jackie Patton Goalie 0.00%
  Josie Juhring Goalie 0.00%