Kent State University

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Conference: 3W / 0L | Overall: 3W / 0L

Jersey Colors:
Home: White, Away: Blue

Team Website:

Team email:

Address: 800 E Summit St
Kent Ohio 44240

Mascot: The Golden Flash


Title Name Telephone
President Grace Cheatham269-823-5752
President Julia Spicer440-429-1599

Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
3 Berkhouse   Lilly Freshman Defense
29 Gordon   Lindsey Junior Attack
22 King   Carly Sophomore Midfield
6 Lowry   Mia Sophomore Defense
20 Murphy   Kylee Freshman Defense
8 Schvartz   Aneya Sophomore Midfield
2 O'Gary   Caitlin Senior Attack
7 Hanna   Beatrice Senior Defense
12 Donaldson   Lauren Sophomore Midfield
15 Boal   Charlotte Junior Defense
17 Spicer   Julia Junior Defense
18 Aris   Molly Sophomore Defense
11 Beck   Emma Sophomore Defense
23 Cheatham   Grace Junior Midfield
24 Vesely   Amanda Junior Attack
25 Kawa   Isabella Sophomore Attack
31 Galloway   Meghan Senior Goalie

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
2 O'Gary   Caitlin Attack
3 Berkhouse   Lilly Defense
6 Lowry   Mia Defense
7 Hanna   Beatrice Defense
8 Schvartz   Aneya Midfield
11 Beck   Emma Defense
12 Donaldson   Lauren Midfield
15 Boal   Charlotte Defense
17 Spicer   Julia Defense
18 Aris   Molly Defense
20 Murphy   Kylee Defense
22 King   Carly Midfield
23 Cheatham   Grace Midfield
24 Vesely   Amanda Attack
25 Kawa   Isabella Attack
29 Gordon   Lindsey Attack


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Meghan Galloway Goalie 0.00%