University of New Haven

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Conference: 0W / 0L | Overall: 0W / 2L

Jersey Colors:
Home: White, Away: Blue

Team Website:

Team email:

Address: Kathy Zolad Stadium, 300 Boston Post Road, West Haven, CT, 06516
West Haven Connecticut 06516

Mascot: Charlie the Charger


Title Name Telephone
President Gianna Sliby203-893-5910
Vice President Alexis Pishnyuk
Treasurer Jayla McGaffin

Jersey Last Name First Name Year Position
1 DiPinto   Amanda Sophomore Attack
3 Pishnyuk   Alexis Junior Attack
5 Bradley   Cassidy Freshman Defense
6 Evangeliste   Ava Sophomore Midfield
11 Baker   Erin Sophomore Attack
12 Sliby   Gianna Senior Attack
13 Powers   Meaghan Sophomore Defense
14 McGaffin   Jayla Sophomore Midfield
15 Falanga   Kayla Freshman Defense
16 Balmann   Lily Freshman Attack
18 Spengler   Jessica Sophomore Goalie
19 King   Leah Freshman Defense
22 Asbury   Gianna Junior Midfield
23 Rose   Nashaly Freshman Defense
30 Tierpack   Alexis Sophomore Defense

Jersey Last First Position GP G A DC GB TO P GPG APG PPG RC YC
1 DiPinto   Amanda Attack
3 Pishnyuk   Alexis Attack
5 Bradley   Cassidy Defense
6 Evangeliste   Ava Midfield
11 Baker   Erin Attack
12 Sliby   Gianna Attack
13 Powers   Meaghan Defense
14 McGaffin   Jayla Midfield
15 Falanga   Kayla Defense
16 Balmann   Lily Attack
19 King   Leah Defense
22 Asbury   Gianna Midfield
23 Rose   Nashaly Defense
30 Tierpack   Alexis Defense


First Last Position GP Shots Saves GA Save% GAA
  Jessica Spengler Goalie 0.00%